It’s not a
sin wanting
to look younger or fresher

Cosmetic injections, skin, and medical treatments by

Anita Bellerose Registered Nurse


About A.B

Cosmetic Clinic

Founded by Anita Bellerose RN, A.B Cosmetic Clinic is a small boutique clinic located in Surrey Hills.

Why Choose A.B Cosmetic?

A.B Cosmetic Clinic caters to a broad age group, with clients ranging from 20 to 85 years old. All have one thing in common: they want to eradicate the signs of aging in a non-invasive and natural way. As a registered nurse, Anita specialises in facial volume replacement treatments, leaving the client looking refreshed, healthy and youthful.


Anita took the time to discuss my needs, and we agreed on exactly the look I wanted, also taking into account my budget. It took just 2 visits a week apart to get exactly the look I wanted. The lip filler and anti-wrinkle injections have given me a refreshed look without looking obvious. And the cost was extremely reasonable too. Anita has gained my trust, and I will definitely be back for top-ups. Thank you to