Cosmetic Injection Services by Anita Bellerose Aesthetic Practitioner.

Putting a smile back on people’s faces through the subtle art of giving a series of non-invasive injectable cosmetic treatments is something Aesthetic Practitioner Anita Bellerose believes passionately in. She has 18 years of experience in the medical and cosmetic field as a registered nurse.

With this considerable knowledge, you could say she has an almost religious zeal in ensuring that aesthetic treatments are effective,  accessible, affordable, and safe for every man and woman who desires them. It’s why she founded the popular A.B Cosmetic Clinic in the Surrey Hills area of Melbourne.

The clinic only uses treatments and products that are medically approved. As a registered nurse, Anita strictly adheres to a rigorous set of safety protocols. If you want to transform your face with minimum effort and fuss, then A.B Cosmetic is perfect for your needs.

What Treatments Does A.B Cosmetic Offer?

A.B Cosmetic offers an extensive range of skin and hair loss treatments. They provide derma fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments, skin boosters, and PRP — all of which work to treat ageing tissue within your skin and leave you looking radiant. 

A.B Cosmetic also provides skin glow treatment, micro-needling treatment, lactic acid peel treatment, and skin pigmentation treatment. All of these treatments focus on looking after the surface of the skin. 

By combining both treatments, you are taking a tag-team and all-round approach to your skincare. Anita is keen to stress that for the best results, you will need a series of treatments because in her words, “Looking beautiful is a result of regular skin treatments and great skincare. We’re all works in progress and need due care and attention at regular intervals.”

Why Cosmetic Injections Could Be the Right Choice for You?

Sallow and tired skin and wrinkles are problems we all face with age. It can affect both our confidence and self-esteem. But with A.B Cosmetic Clinic's injectable cosmetic treatments, you get long-lasting and noticeable effects that will transform not just your face but also outlook.

You’ve only got one face and it needs looking after, so contact us today to book your first appointment and find out how we can provide the right treatment for your needs.


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